Blank Space

Another uneventful day; listened…well saw Taylor Swift’s new music video for Blank space this morning, I honestly love her as an artist, singer and person but in my humble opinion, that video was completely psychotic yet brilliant at the same time. It’s basically depicts domestic violence/abuse yet the there’s a ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe to it; that’s why I don’t know whether to love or hate it haha…I used to (and still do) love her stuff but I just dislike how she’s changed up her style. I mean the essence of her is still ingrained into each song, however I feel that she’s losing her country still- the influence from pop is excessive, which is bummer. I loved when it was just her and her guitar…no back up singers or technological touch ups (eg the echoes).

Even her demeanour has changed, thanks to the impact of the media…she’s becoming thinner and thinner. While she maybe naturally thin or under a lot of stress, it is scary for people to see- even my grandma noticed her miniature frame, and that’s saying something!

This is at the VMA’s last year (2013) you can tell that she’s really thin- her arms, waist and legs etc. Pretty much her head is the largest part of her body
Getty Images
A comparison of Tay in 2011 and this year

I’m not trying to ‘body shame’ her or anything like that, I’m just really concerned for the younger prepubescent girls/teenagers that look at such well known people as role models. They may be good people and have excellent, down-to-earth personalities, but at the end of the day what do people really know? All we really see are the articles from gossip magazines and the latest red carpet photos; these do not really depict the actual nature of the celebrity…after all a picture tells a thousand words. With the technology becoming a day to day necessity, young girls are able to access these images and slowly shape their perception of beauty. My TEN year old cousin Francine* announced to me last school holidays that she ‘wanted to lose weight’. And let me tell you that made me really upset; she is already really small for her age in terms of height and weight (I’m talking around 25-28kg). But that is not what upset me the most; what got to me was when I asked her why she wanted to lose weight and who said she was fat- to which she replied with ‘I don’t know I want to…I think I’m fat’. Now that really really killed a part of me; to know that my TEN year old cousin already had thoughts about body image and ‘being fat’ generated great concern within me, because I myself had only begun to really care about the way I looked around the age of fifteen(ish) now at seventeen I’ve learnt to let some of that anxiety go. But at the tender age of ten (and this goes for all young girls) they do not have the ability to guard themselves from the being molded into societies manifestation of beauty. Even some mums are caught up in achieving a picture perfect body; so with all these influence from the environment it’s no wonder their perception of beauty is distorted. It’s not a case of nature vs nurture, but rather a combination of both that makes gives this issue it’s catastrophic damage.

Children should NOT have to worry about these adult issues. I don’t know if you have noticed but I’ve found that youth of the current generation are maturing faster and faster; and if I took a wild guess it is not due to better parenting- quite the opposite actually. Take a look around, kids today are not sitting with a book in their hands, they’re sitting with iPods, iPads, smartphones, tablets etc. They are CONSTANTLY exposed to everything in the world, it’s scary to know that my twelve year old cousin Anthony* has a better knowledge of these devices than me. You know why? Because parents are becoming too lenient. It has become so easy to simply put a child in front of a TV to keep them entertained, even those less than five years are handed a smart phone to play with once they become restless. The younger generation are spoilt because they get whatever they ask for, simply due to the increased accessibility for parents to purchase these items for their offspring. Thus as a side effect children have a great opportunity to regularly expose themselves to stimulus and develop at a quicker rate. I mean all children have to do when they don’t understand a word/phrase their parents said is type it into ‘Google’ and within SECONDS at lease a couple hundred thousand hits come up. It’s that easy.

googleI’m not blaming anyone, lets just make that clear. As a teenager myself, I am merely just observing the factors that fuel this issue, I’m sure it’s all been said before, but the solution isn’t about the amount of times that we can reiterate the causesIt’s about addressing  these catalysts and protecting the younger generation from spiralling out of control.

*name changed for protection


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