The ideas you never created.



Two words that truly sum up the content of this video; voiced and illustrated by third graders, this is really worth watching. The music and simplicity of the clip depicts the very nature of a child’s mind- something that adults grow out of too quickly. We become too engrossed into the complexities of the world, that we don’t get to appreciate the things that are going on around us. At times we are caught up in talking to our friends, families and colleagues that we never stop and just take in the beauty of the world- social media and the internet allows us to travel the world without even leaving our front door!

My favourite part from the video is that

They’ll tell you to be real, be realistic. But realism is often an excuse for pessimism, and you can’t let other people’s opinions define your reality. Make the commitment wholeheartedly. Stop thinking. Just do it. Do it for you, the real you, because you deserve it. You don’t get to do-over your life, so live your dreams

Often we start things, we get a spark…an idea that generates a great deal of innovation, we get lost in the fantasy of what happens after we achieve this goal that we neglect the hardships that must be overcome beforehand. We are sensitive to negativity; people that say ‘You can’t do it’ begin to get to our mind and lose our sense of motivation. The desire to want to ‘fit in’ and conform to society norms start to shape our behavioural and cognitive patterns, no longer do we think outside the square, for fear of rejection and humiliation.

When I feel like slacking off at times I like to tell myself, not do anything half heartedly; we have a whole heart for a reason. So don’t give up, believe in yourself and what you want to achieve; your persistence will give you the greatest feeling when you have accomplished what you set out to do…grow your bamboo trees!


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