Study break

So the past week has been really boring- due to the commencement of exams and a mini study break- BUT have been out and about a little in the past few days!  I went shopping with my Aunty at DFO in Essendon and bought a lot of stuff…more than I had anticipated if I’m honest. I was planning to buy quire a bit; but in the end that angelic voice in my head had rendered itself unconscious. Nether the less, I am very happy with my purchases.

The following day I went out to the city to watch my cousin perform a dance routine at the annual ‘Hispanic and Latin America festival’. I’m always in awe of the environment of these events; it just feels like a large scale get-together. I love the sense of unity that is created in these social occasions, everyone is there to enjoy a diverse range of food, compelling entertainment along with others that appreciate the topic of celebration- creating an all round good vibe.

IMG_2363   IMG_2367

IMG_2371[1] IMG_2374[1] IMG_2384[1]

IMG_2367-0   IMG_2361[1]

…apologies for the half devoured food; I was just too exited to eat and still new to taking pictures of everything haha

So, before I went out I was planning what to wear; which is always a hassle for me because it’s constantly a matter of trying to find pieces that not only matches but also conforms to the current fashion culture. However in the recent months I’ve been watching Jenn Im from ‘Clothes Encounters’ on YouTube (check her out here: and her fashion philosophy is one that I endeavour to weave into my own thoughts. Her way of approaching fashion is by treating it as an art form; a way of expressing how one feels- an ideal I truly respect. She explains that if she’s feeling dark and bland on the inside, she conveys this mood through the colours/textures in her clothing. I feel like this is a fairly therapeutic way for people to express their emotions- as opposed to other damaging methods. Anyway, I decided to dress myself in this ensemble as I was feeling particularly weird and a little cheeky; so pairing stripes and polka dots seemed to help express just that.


And it felt great! I wasn’t trying to please anyone; instead I simply just showed people the mood that I was in though what I wore.

Moving on, I went for a walk in a nearby park/track that surrounds the perimeter of a lake and wanted to share this beautiful shot

IMG_2387[1] Living in a suburban area I never though I’d be able to find such lovely nature

Finally, I’ll conclude with a picture of Archie pulling a very lovable face…enjoy!

IMG_2450[1]Have a good one guys!


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