Holidays begin!

Summer holidays are finally here! I’ve actually been on holidays for about a week or so, but I’ve used this time very efficiently to catch up on some much needed sleep. The freedom of just waking up whenever and doing whatever I want, just adds to my love of spontaneity.

Yesterday I hopped on a plane to Brisbane to visit my cousin and attend her graduation- which really is just an excuse to enjoy 10 days in paradise. I’ve always been drawn to the relaxing atmosphere up here; everyone is so easy going and moving at their own pace, everything is just a lot slower here compared to Melbourne- which is something that I really admire about this place.

IMG_2537[1]  IMG_2536[1]  IMG_2535[1]

Today was a very easy day, I wasn’t sure what to do in the morning but after two episodes of ‘Bones’ I came to the conclusion that this was not how I wanted to spend my time up here. So I found out how to get out the South Bank and spent about an hour on a park bench reading a book by my current favourite author Rainbow Rowell. The weather was really nice so I decided to take a stroll with my camera along the river side, I had absolutely no idea when the path ended but I just kept on walking. Some people hate being alone and exploring new places by themselves, but for me it’s the complete opposite; I love being able to go according to what I feel like doing, I love letting my mind and legs run free and take me somewhere…anywhere. Because in those instances you are doing everything for yourself; satisfying your own needs and being rightfully selfish. Contentment comes from within and once you are able to find that happy place for yourself it really shows on the outside.

DSC_4283  DSC_4294  DSC_4292


After a peaceful stroll, I met up with a friend and together we went to museum- partly because we didn’t know what else to do and partly because it was an activity that did not require money (haha)


Not just a bunch of leaves...but stick insects!
Not just a bunch of leaves…but stick insects!

DSC_4321    DSC_4307

DSC_4323    DSC_4325

So not a bad second day; absolutely knackered right now… goodnight internet buddies!;P


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