Holidays so far

My time here in Queensland has been so amazing that I’ve neglected to update my blog so here is a collection of photos from day 3-8!

DAY 3 

DSC_4338        DSC_4340 DSC_4351        DSC_4362 DSC_4366        DSC_4354

On this day my Aunty was eager to take me out to a place called ‘Wellington Point’ that was fairly close to where she lived; she insisted that we each take a book and spend a relaxed day at the local cafe. So that’s how I spent a large part of that day, drinking my chai tea and finishing off Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and that to me is the epitome of a holiday.

At night my cousin took me to karaoke; which is something we do every time I come up here. We belted our current favourites, as well as some timeless old-school songs.



Thursday I went out for lunch to catch up with a friend I hadn’t spoken to (face-to-face) for a pretty long time; we went to ‘Hogs Breath’ and chatted a bit- catching up on each others lives- while our wraps slowly made their appearance onto the table. I met a bunch of his mates, including this one girl (Angela*) who had the most loveable personality- she was easy to talk to and really knew how to make a good first impression (haha). She worked at a little store called ‘Hipster Ice’ where they sold ginormous shaved ice desserts, flavoured with sweet syrups and assortments of candy. I posted a picture of it on my instagram if you would like to check it out- I ordered a monstrocity called the ‘Flat White’, pretty ironic if you ask me

We later decided to watch the latest instalment of the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy (Mockingjay Part 1), a movie in which both of us had anticipated in watching for quite sometime. The movie did not disappoint and I cannot wait for the final part next year!

Thursday ended with some late night shopping as a met up later in the evening with my cousin, who had to be rescued due to forgetting her wallet. She really wanted to buy her mum and stepdad gifts in honour of her finding a well paid job, how sweet of her right?


In the evening my cousin planned to spoil us by buying us (Uncle, Aunty and I) dinner. We went to an authentic little Greek restaurant (named appropriately ‘Little Greek Tavern’) where we order a whole lot of seafood dishes, washed down with coffees and dessert

DSC_4380   DSC_4382   DSC_4384      DSC_4385        DSC_4386

DSC_4392   DSC_4391   DSC_4394

This is after my cousin gave her mum and stepdad the gifts we chose the day before; the joy that is depicted in this picture just says it all.


Day 6

DSC_4400    DSC_4401DSC_4402

Saturday we woke up early to clean up the house for an inspection at mid-day; although it was extremely tedious, the holiday vibe took over and made the time into something that was really enjoyable. I don’t know about you guys but we really just love to pump up the music and clean (haha)

The rest of the day was a much needed girls day- we got manicures and shopped till out hearts content. We had a light dinner at a cute Japanese restaurant before feasting at Max Brenners- which if you do not know is THE most delicious chocolate dessert place ever. After that we stayed at my cousins apartment in the city and watched movies till 2am.


We got up late Sunday morning/afternoon and headed out to an Italian eatery called ‘Va Piano’ the set up was really unique; you could say it was like a high class cafeteria or fast food joint. Instead of waiters taking your order, there were different stations for various categories of food; for example their was one for salads, one for pastas and one for pizza and so on. You would line up at the station corresponding to what you wanted and order; they would then make it on the spot while you waited.

I think because all their efforts were directed away from waiters/waitresses their interior design of the place was so superb that it made up for the lack of table service.

DSC_4404       DSC_4406

After lunch we watched another movie ‘Alexander and the horrible, no good, very bad day’ which despite being a kids movie; had us all in stitches.

The photo below doesn’t really have anything to do with the movie, other than it was at the venue (haha) I actually cannot wait to see that movie though!

DSC_4415Day 8

Yesterday I had originally planned to go swimming, but the weather did not work in my favour as it was thunder storming majority of the day. But I did have a nice relaxing time at home catching up on ‘Bones’ and doing some pilates. The highlight of the day was when my cousin came home from work and took me to get  ice-cream at BR (haha) I’m still a kid on the inside;)

*names have been altered for privacy


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