Cultural conditioning

Recently I watch a video on YouTube entitled ‘101 Reasons to go vegan’ ( Less than 5 minutes into the video a plethora of profound ideas and emerged from the video; despite the purpose of the video, the points that were made really got me thinking about how certain cultural mannerisms came to be.

The presenter puts forward the idea that why we think the way we do is essentially through being conditioned by our ancestors. Let me elaborate; the reason I believe we have certain ideologies may be due to the cultural appropriate values that have been infused and bombarded into us from a young age. What is fundamentally ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ may simply be something that has been reiterated as the truth, told to us over and over again; to the point that it becomes concrete. It is what we consider the ‘norm’; a concept as simple as the names of colours could be changed by simply telling our next generation that red is yellow and yellow is green.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with how society is today (although I can’t say that about the entirety of the world) but it really fascinates how simple it can be to change the how the next generation think and react to topics that may be taboo in this generation. For instance, gay marriage; decades ago the very mention of liking the same sex was seen as demonic and often lead to being outcasted from society. Now days, more and more people are coming out because now it has become acceptable to do so, no longer do people live in fear of their true identity but they embrace and as do others. People have slowly accepted that is a normal part of life, parents now tell their kids that it’s okay no matter what their sexuality is and to accept others who are ‘different’.

People say that there are a long list of issues wrong with the current generation, but I do not believe they understand the power they possessed to produce a kind and peace loving generation. However, on the other hand, it should be noted that what people consider right and wrong differs greatly from person to person. Racism is regarded as with negative connotations, but there are people who use this concept to exercise power in society- thinking that it is right.

I guess we can not change society as easily as I think but I think is an idea worth thinking about


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